5 Top Tips for Hemorrhoid Prevention

Hydration. Replace coffee and alcohol as much as possible with pure, clean WATER! Water helps prevent constipation, keeps your body hydrated, and prevents hard stools.

Diet. A good balanced diet will help keep hemorrhoids at bay, as long as you refrain from processed and sugary foods (they wreak havoc on the digestion system). Add a fiber supplement if you need to. Many people take a fiber supplement and a large glass of water first thing every morning with a bit of lemon and swear by the results! Eating more fresh fruit will often times do the trick as well.

Exercise. If you already have a regular exercise program, congratulations! If not, start by taking short walks after eating a meal. This has proven very effective at helping keep you regular. Trampolines and bouncing balls are also good ways to help with circulation and bowel transit time.

Sitting Too Long on the Toilet. Another reason people get hemorrhoids is because hang out in the bath room longer than the average person, and when they finally feel the urge to go they force down to discharge (OUCH!). A good rule to follow: Use the restroom as soon as you feel the urge to avoid prolonged potty sessions. Never hold back if you have to go.

Stress. We all have it, but unfortunately unresolved stress effects our bowels with gas, bloating, indigestion, and either diarrhea or constipation. Adding in some simple daily habits will help out a lot. Taking time out to breathe and just ‘be’ in the moment for a few minutes, spending time in nature, yoga and meditation are all helpful when it comes to stress. Anything that takes your mind away from that stressed-out feeling in your gut is going to help.

If the above tips aren’t helping or if you’ve been dealing with hemorrhoids for a long time and are seeking a more permanent solution, give us a call at (630) 871-1800. Our successful hemorrhoid treatment can give you fast relief in just a few minutes.