Do You Have Bloody Stool?

Do you look for bloody stool after pooping?
Why would you do that? Because what’s going on with your poop says a lot about your health. We’re not just talking about the size and texture, but whether or not there is bloody stool after going to the bathroom.

Looking at your stool in the toilet is a good habit to get into. Many people don’t realize that they might be losing small amounts of blood when they strain to go to the bathroom.

Where does bloody stool come from? That depends on a few things. First, if the color of the blood is bright red, it most likely has come from an internal hemorrhoid or an area close to the anus itself. If the blood color is darker red or black, the source is probably higher up in the digestive tract. Either way, you want to check with a doctor to rule out anything serious.

So what if it’s an internal hemorrhoid? What action can you take to prevent straining? A change of diet to one that includes more fiber as well as drinking more pure, clean water would be good places to start.

Adding in some supplemental support may also help. We sell high-quality supplements at that may help soften stools as well. Some of our favorite products for this purpose are Natural Calm (fizzy magnesium powder that helps calm the nerves and may help with sleep issues too), Fiber Plus capsules, and Kleri Tea (good for constipation, this tea gets things moving). You may need one, or all, of these depending on your situation.

Taking the above supplements as part of an overall lifestyle change is sometimes all it takes to get your bowel movements functioning normally without straining. A number of our patients successfully use these products and rave about their perfect poops!

If you continue to see blood in your stools give our office a call at (630) 871-1800 and have Dr. Drost exam you to rule out anything serious.