Soften Stools Naturally

How to Soften Stools

1. Hard stools can be the cause of bleeding hemorrhoids. Stools that are too hard can sometimes leave blood in the toilet after going to the bathroom. Softening stools is an important part of healing hemorrhoids. Eating specific fiber-promoting foods is one way to soften stools naturally.

2. Hard stools are often related to constipation. The causes of hard stools include dehydration, low dietary fiber, processed foods, and lifestyle. A typical person with hard stools is someone who eats fast food on the run, drinks little to no water, and has a lot of stress in their life. This same person may only have a few bowel movements a week, and when they do go, it’s a painful experience with difficult-to-pass, hard stools.

3. Change of diet, drinking more water, adding a fiber supplement and lessening stress all have a positive impact on hemorrhoid relief and softening of stools. But is there a way to soften stools naturally? Yes!

4.At Midwest Center for Colorectal Health in Wheaton, IL, we take advantage of eating with the seasons, and fall is the perfect time to start making diet changes and creating fiber-full soups, stews and casseroles.

5. Eating raw vegetables can sometimes irritate the gut lining and cause constipation. However, steamed and cooked vegetables do the opposite, promoting easy-to-pass soft stools that don’t aggravate hemorrhoids.

6. Some excellent food choices to help soften stools are cooked carrots, cabbage, squash, turnips, sweet potatoes, yams, and steamed greens. Cooked or baked beans also contain a lot of healthy fiber too, and are wonderful to blend with vegetables in soup. Steamed vegetables and cooked beans can be eaten alone, making them wonderful meals by themselves. Whole grains such as oatmeal may also help soften stools.

7.Fruits contain a lot of fiber and can be eaten raw if they don’t cause digestive upset. They can also be cooked and are very soothing to the gut lining. Baked apples and berries are popular choices this time of year.

8. It’s always a good idea to start implementing new foods into your diet slowly. So start with adding berries on top of our morning oatmeal, eating steamed veggies with brown rice for lunch or as a side dish with your evening dinner.

While it won’t happen overnight, adding in certain foods to your daily diet should help soften your stools in a short amount of time.